Book Review: iPhone: The Missing Manual, Fifth Edition by David Pogue, O’Reilly Media

The “Missing Manual” series is well-established, and looks to cover the stuff that isn’t in the instructions issued with a product. Given the minimal leaflet provided in the iPhone’s box, that’s a lot of stuff. And boy does this book cover it. While the iPhone is easy to pick up and get started with, the Missing Manual contains a wealth of tips and tricks on features that are easy to miss, and make using an iPhone a whole lot better.

The book is well structured, first introducing the iPhone’s physical features, before going on to explain its use first as a phone, then as a camera, media player, email client and all the other features available through the world of apps. Everything is described in simple, jargon free language, with helpful pointers on any jargon you may encounter whilst using the iPhone.

I’m an experienced iPhone user, but still found things through this book I didn’t know about – like the punctuation shortcut when using the on-screen keyboard. It’s saved me so much time! The Missing Manual is full of this type of handy tip, and is likely to prove useful to anyone with an iPhone – for power users it’s a convenient reference for any features you need to check up on, while for newcomers to the device it’s an invaluable helper to provide step-by-step guidance to getting the most out of the iPhone.

Overall I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to get the most out of their iPhone. It’s completely comprehensive – I can’t think of a single feature it misses out – and written in an accessible manner which makes it easy to get what you need from it.

iPhone: The Missing Manual is published by O’Reilly Media

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